Attic Restoration

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Attic Remediation Service includes removal and encapsulation of contaminated matter in homeowner's attic, following mold protocols for containment to prevent attic contents from encountering other areas of your home; they run a 6-inch diameter hose from attic space to a high -power vacuum located outdoors, which deposits attic waste into an outdoor containment system. During removal, a negative air scrubber runs near the attic opening to contain airborne particles. Techs wear tike suits, full face respirators, and gloves during the removal process. Once large debris is out, techs make a detailed sweep with smaller HEPA filter vacuums to remove particles the large vacuum missed. After vacuuming is complete, severely stained areas are sealed with mold encapsulating paint, eliminating potential sources of wildlife-borne bio hazards found in porous surfaces such as wood and drywall. Gaps (electrical, plumbing, chimneys, and wall headers) receive foam air sealing treatment and recessed lights are outfitted with Tenmat covers to further insulate the attic space. Techs install new softfit baffles, blockers, and new attic hatch to prepare for the final step of blowing in of new igloo borate cellulose insulation, to code, ensuring your home is properly insulated and critter free.

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