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Honea Path, SC & Upstate South Carolina

Nuisance wildlife can cause all sorts of trouble around your home from gnawing on electrical wires to tearing up insulation, ruining your yard, and more. Wild animals are often drawn to easily accessible food sources or places of shelter. Animals like squirrels and raccoons can chew their way into your home and once they get in, they may continue to chew their way through your attic, basement, or walls. Once they’ve opened the way, birds or opossums can also get in and make themselves at home.
Even after the animals are removed, the damages they leave behind will remain until they are addressed. If the animals created openings to invade your home, they will need to be sealed to prevent further invasion. When you hire a team to address your animal removal needs, make sure that the company you choose is ready to handle the whole job from start to finish.